Twitter Tests Long-Form Notes That Let People Go Beyond the Character Limit – CNET

Twitter revealed Wednesday that it is testing out Notes, a blog post-adjacent feature that allows longer pieces of writing to be published on the social network. 

The feature makes it easier for people to publish long-form writing without having to succumb to the Twitter thread and segment out their thoughts per tweet. Notes writers can also include photos, videos, tweets or GIFs within their content. 

“As the platform for writers, it’s clear that Twitter is essential — from the proximity to an engaged audience, to the conversation around a writer’s work, to the community of readers (and, often, cheerleaders) that Twitter provides, to the critical role it plays in the livelihoods and careers of writers, on and off Twitter,” Twitter’s editorial director Rembert Browne said in a Note on the platform. 

People can read Notes on and off of Twitter, and you can find all of a persons’ Notes in the new tab on a person’s profile. A small group of writers in the US, Canada, UK and Ghana are part of the Notes test, Twitter said. The company didn’t indicate when Notes might be available more widely.

In April, Twitter revealed they were finally testing out an edit button, a long-awaited request from anyone who has ever made a typo in a tweet. The platform also kickstarted Twitter Blue, a paid subscription feature that allows subscribers to make changes to tweets, upload longer videos and read ad-free news. 

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is currently in the middle of a proposed $44 billion acquisition of the platform. Musk has said he wants to quash the bots on the platform and get one billion users on Twitter.