Nutribullet’s Immersion Blender Is $21 for Black Friday and Makes Cooking So Much Easier – CNET

I make a lot of food in my Instant Pot, and several of the recipes require blending and typically recommend using an immersion blender. I didn’t have one, so I would dump everything into my regular countertop blender, which was a hassle but kept me from having one more appliance. It wasn’t until I accidentally dumped the sauce for a butter chicken recipe all over my kitchen that I decided maybe having an inexpensive immersion blender wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Well, if you’ve ever shopped for an immersion blender, you know it’s a bit of a nightmare. Many of them don’t have good reviews and they seem to break easily. The ones that get high marks tend to be expensive and come with a bunch of attachments you might never use. For soups and sauces, you really only need a good chopping blade with some power — and that’s what the Nutribullet gets you. 

The Nutribullet immersion blender is corded but unless you’re using it several times a week, a cordless blender likely isn’t worth the expense. (However, this Vitamix is what I would get if I did go cordless.) It comes with just two attachments, a blender and a whisk. The motor delivers more than enough power to blend soups and sauces in the Instant Pot and I’ve used the whisk a couple of times to make whipped cream with great results. 

Amazon’s regular price is $39. I paid $30 for it back in August. For Black Friday, Amazon has it down to only $21