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Earlier this month Sony’s newish LinkBuds, which feature an open design with a unique doughnut-shaped ring, were on sale for $22 off. Now the even newer LinkBuds S active noise-canceling earbuds with a noise-isolating design get the same $22-off treatment. You can pick them up for $178, or 11% off their list price of $200. While that may not be a huge discount, it’s significant for a product that recently hit the market. Best Buy and other retailers are offering the LinkBuds S for $180, but Amazon comes in lower by a couple of bucks. 

As I said in my review, the LinkBuds S are really appealing in a lot of ways. They’re lightweight and compact yet don’t skimp on the features and performance. They’re kind of a cross between Sony’s entry-level C500 earbuds ($100) and its flagship WF-1000XM4 earbuds — and basically the Sony equivalent of Apple’s AirPods Pro

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I was impressed with the sound quality for their size and my one gripe with them was that the voice-calling performance could have been a bit better.  However, in last couple of weeks Sony upgraded the firmware for the LinkBuds S and it does seem to have improved the voice-calling performance, with better voice pickup — callers said my voice sounded clearer after the firmware upgrade while the background noise was muffled pretty well. 

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