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The Xbox game pad has become the go-to gaming controller for almost everyone. In addition to the Xbox Series X and Series S (and last-gen Xboxes), it’s the default controller for PC gaming, and widely used in smartphone and tablet gaming, cloud gaming and even with set-top boxes like the Apple TV. Taking advantage of various Black Friday Xbox controller deals is a good way to solve one of the gamepad’s big issues. 

That issue is this: Having gone through literally dozens of these over the years I know that Xbox controllers, including the official Microsoft ones, aren’t very sturdy, and you’ll probably have to replace one or more of them at some point. For example, I just started using a special Forza-design semitransparent controller with my Xbox Series X a few months ago, and one of the triggers is already catching. 

The good news is that, with Black Friday and the holiday shopping season upon us, there are a lot of great deals and sales on Xbox controllers. Usually $60, or more for some designs and colors, many shops are offering them for under $40, although you might be limited in color choices. 

I’m rounding up some of the best deals, and you can find all our best Black Friday deals here

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The most basic official Xbox controller, slightly updated for the Xbox Series X and S with a new directional pad style. These are usually between $59 and $64 when not on sale. 

Several stores have these for $39 right now, but only in black and white, and sometimes red. A few other colors, including blue, electric volt (sort of a neon green) and mineral camo, are currently $45. 

Target, Best Buy and the Microsoft Store all still have $39 controllers in stock. Amazon had them, but they appear to be out of stock as of right now (but keep checking, they could come back).

Walmart’s least expensive Xbox controller is $45 right now, but I’ll keep an eye on that to see if it comes down to match.

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This upgraded controller offers a sturdier build, interchangeable thumbsticks, extra paddle controls, two different trigger depth settings and a wraparound rubber grip. It’s usually $180, and Microsoft had a decent sale on this a few days ago, but that appears over. Instead, NewEgg has it at an even better price, through a third-party seller. 

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These one-of-a-kind custom designs aren’t on sale right now, but definitely worth taking a look at if you’re searching for a unique gift. You can customize the color and sometimes finish of almost every part of the controller, including both solid colors and a few patterns. 

Some choices add extra cost, and if you want to go all-in, there’s also a customizable version of the Elite controller as well, which starts at $150.